Light bulb size Pulling out the socket of the light bulb from the headlight assembly.

1999-2007 Honda HR-V Light Bulb Sizes

Front Lights

  • Headlight ( Halogen Bulb): 12V-55W
  • Fog Lights: 12V-55W
  • Front Turn Signal / Front Emergency Flashing Indicator: 12V-5W
  • Car Side Light: 12V-55W
  • Front Seat Interior Light: 12V-5W

Rear Lights

  • Rear Direction Indicator/Rear Emergency Light: 12V: 21W
  • Plate Light: 12V-5W
  • Brake Light/Tail Light : 12V: 21/5W

Interior Lights

  • Rear Seat Interior Light : 12V-8W

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