V6 Engine Change Ignition Coils Specs Specifications

2002-2009 Volkswagen Polo Specifications

Look up Volkswagen Polo specifications, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, transmission, and light bulb sizes.

Engine 1.4L 4-Cylinder

  • Recommended Oil viscosity: 0W-20
  • Oil certification: API
  • Drain Plug Torque: 
  • Oil capacity: 3.2L (3.38 US qt)

Engine coolant

  • Capacity: When adding engine coolant, use a mixture of distilled water and at least 40% coolant additive – G 13 – or – G 12 plus-plus – (TL-VW 774 G) for optimum corrosion protection.

Fuel tank

  • Capacity: 11.89 US gal (45.0L)

Brake Fluid

  • Type: (FMVSS) 116 DOT 4 Class 6
  • Capacity: Fill between the MIN and MAX lines on the reservoir

Air conditioning system operating fluids

  • Capacity: The compressor of your air conditioning system contains up to about 7 oz. (210 ml) of lubricant.

Windshield Washer Fluid

  • Type: For the warmer months, Windscreen Clear Summer- G 052 184 A2 – or equivalent. Mixing ratio 1:100 (1 part concentrate to 100 parts water) in the windshield washer reservoir.
    • All-season Windscreen Clear- G 052 164 M2 – or equivalent. Mixing ratio in winter to 0 °F (-18 °C) about 1:2 (1 part concentrate to 2 parts water), otherwise, mixing ratio 1:4 in the windshield washer reservoir.
  • Capacity: Depending on vehicle equipment, the windshield washer fluid reservoir holds between 3.1–5.2 quarts (3–5 liters).



  • Petrol:
  • 1.0 L MPI I3
  • 1.0 L TSI I3
  • 1.2 L MPI I3
  • 1.2 L TSI I4
  • 1.4 L MPI I4
  • 1.4 L TSI I4
  • 1.6 L MPI I4
  • Diesel:
  • 1.2 L TDI I3
  • 1.4 L TDI I3
  • 1.5 L TDI I4
  • 1.6 L TDI I4


  • 5-speed manual
  • 6-speed manual
  • 6-speed automatic
  • 7-speed DSG


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