2010-18 Mazda 5 Pair Bluetooth Phone

Est. Time: 5 min
Difficulty: Very Easy

This guide provides instructions on how to pair your phone with your Mazda 5 Bluetooth system necessary to make hands-free calls.

You will need to use voice commands to pair your phone to your Mazda 5.


Follow the instructions below for more help.

  1. Press the voice button on the steering wheel.how to pair mazda5 bluetooth
  2. Listening will show on the screen.mazda5 bluetooth pairing instructions
  3. Say Setupsetup iphone android on mazda5 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
  4. Say Pairing Optionsmazda bluetooth pair
  5. Say Pair
  6. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and search for Mazda 5.
  7. When asked for a pairing code, enter 0000.mazda5 phone pair bluetooth

Alternative Method

  1. Press the Audio Cont button.
  2. Continue cycling through Bass, Treb, Fade, Bal, and Beep. The last option is the BT setup.
  3. Rotate the Audio Cont button to the right to select the BT setup.
  4. Press the Audio Control button several times to cycle through the menu.
    1. Pair Device
    2. Pair Delete, Will delete a previously paired device.
    3. Device Info
    4. Link Change

The procedure to pair a phone with Mazda5 is very simple. These instructions apply to 2010 through 2018 Mazda 5 equipped with hands-free Bluetooth technology.

If you have paired multiple devices, your Mazda 5 will automatically pair with the last paired device. If you and your significant other both get in the car, it will connect with the phone last paired.

To change this behavior, you can delete all the phones and reconnected them, making sure the last paired phone is the one you want it to connect to when two phones are available. Or you can enter the Link Change menu to rearrange the order of the phones.

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2010-18 Mazda 5 Pair Bluetooth Phone Procedure Follow the instructions below for more help.