2011-2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Fuse Chart and Location


This guide shows the fuse chart and their locations on your Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.


Mitsubishi outlander sport fuses

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Fuses

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Fuses

Fuse # System Ampere
1 Heater 30A*
2 Stoplights/Brake lights 15A
3 Rear fog light 10A
4 Windshield wiper 30A
5 Optional 10A
6 Door locks 20A
7 Radio 15A
8 Control unit relay 7.5A
9 Interior lights/Dome lights 15A
10 Hazard warning flasher 15A
11 Rear window wiper 15A
12 Gauges 7.5A
13 Cigarette lighter 15A
14 Ignition switch 10A
15 Sunroof 20A
16 Outside rearview mirrors 10A
17 All-wheel drive system 10A
18 Back up lights 7.5A
19 Accessory socket 15A
20 Power window control 30A*
21 Defogger 30A*
22 Heated door mirror 7.5A
23 115V Power Outlet 15A
24 Power seats 25 (20) A
25 Heated seats 30A

mitsuibshi outlander sport fuses

Engine compartment

Fuse # System Ampere
1 Front fog lights 15A
2 Engine 7.5A
3 Automatic transaxle 20A
4 Horn 10A
5 Alternator 7.5A
6 Headlight washer 20A
7 Air conditioner 10A
8 ETV/ Oil cooler fan 15A
9 Security horn  20A
10 Wiper deicer 15A
12 Power gate 30A
13 Daytime running lights 10A
14 Left headlight/ high beam 10A
15 Right headlight/high beam 10A
16 Left headlight/low beam 20A
17 Right headlight/low beam 20A
18 Left headlight/low beam halogen 10A
19 Right headlight/low beam halogen 10A
21 Ignition coil 10A
  Fuel line heater 25A
23 Fuel pump 15A
24 Starter 30A*
26 Anti-lock braking system 40A*
27 Anti-lock braking system 30A*
28 Air conditioning condenser fan motor 30A*
29 Radiator fan 40A*
30 IOD 30A
31 Audio amplifier 30A
32 Diesel 30A
33 Spare fuse 10A
34 Spare fuse 15A
35 Spare fuse 20A

We hope you find the 2011-2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Fuse Chart and Location guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mitsubishi.

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