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2013-2019 Nissan Note Specifications

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  • Type: E12

Engine 1.6L  4-Cylinder DOHC

  • Recommended Oil viscosity: 0W-20
  • Recommended Engine Oil: API
  • Oil capacity: 3.7 qt

Spark Plug Gap

  • 1.6L 4-Cylinder: 0.044”


  • Capacity: 10-7/8 gal (41 L)

Engine coolant (with reservoir)

  • Type: 
    • With manual transmission: Pre-diluted Genuine NISSAN Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant (blue) or equivalent
    • With Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): Pre-diluted Genuine NISSAN Long Life Antifreeze/Coolant (blue) or equivalent
  • Capacity:
    • With manual transmission:1-3/4 gal(6.7 L)
    • With Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): 1-7/8 gal (7.2 L)

Manual transmission gear oil

  • Type: Genuine NISSAN Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) HQ Multi 75W-85, or equivalent
    • If Genuine NISSAN Manual Transmission Fluid HQ-Multi is not available, API GL-4, Viscosity SAE 75W-85 may be used as a temporary replacement. However, use Genuine NISSAN Manual Transmission Fluid HQ-Multi (or equivalent) as soon as it is available.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) fluid

  • Type: Genuine NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-3
    • NISSAN recommends using Genuine NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-3 (or equivalent) ONLY in NISSAN CVTs. Do not mix with other fluids. Using fluids not equivalent to Genuine NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-3 may damage the CVT. Damage caused by fluids other than recommended is not covered under NISSAN’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Brake and clutch (if so equipped) fluid

  • Type: Genuine NISSAN Super Heavy Duty Brake Fluid, available in mainland U.S.A. through a NISSAN dealer or equivalent DOT

Multi-purpose grease

  • Type: NLGI No. 2 (Lithium soap base)

Air conditioning system refrigerant

  • Type: HFC-134a (R-134a)

Air conditioning system oil

  • Type: Genuine NISSAN A/C System Oil Type R (KLH00-PAGR0) or equivalent

Windshield washer fluid

  • Type: • Genuine NISSAN Windshield Washer Concentrate Cleaner & Antifreeze or equivalent
  • Capacity: 7/8 gal (3.5 L)



  • Petrol:
    • 1.2 L HR12DE I3
    • 1.2 L HR12DDR I3
    • 1.6 L HR16DE I4
  • Petrol hybrid:
    • 1.2 L HR12DE e-Power I3 + electric motor
  • Diesel:
    • 1.5 L K9K I4


  • Xtronic CVT
  • 5-speed manual
  • Single speed constant ratio (e-Power)


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