Light bulb size Pulling out the socket of the light bulb from the headlight assembly.

2017-Present Ford F-Series Super Duty Light Bulb Sizes

Front Lights

  • Headlamp: H13/9008
  • Headlamp: LED
  • Front side marker lamp: W5W
  • Front fog lamp: 9140
  • Front fog lamp: LED
  • Front direction indicator and parking lamp: T20/7444NA
  • Front clearance lamp: LED
  • Front identification lamp: LED

Rear Lights

  • Rear lamp, brake lamp, and rear side marker lamp. Low/Mid series: 3157K
  • Rear direction indicator lamp. Low/Mid series: WTY21W
  • Rear lamp, brake lamp, rear direction indicator, rear side marker lamp, and reverse lamp. High series: LED
  • Rear lamp, brake lamp, rear direction indicator, and rear side marker lamp: 3157K
  • Reversing lamp. Low/Mid series: WT21W
  • License plate lamp. Low series: 168
  • License plate lamp. High series: LED
  • Central high mounted cargo lamp: 912
  • Central high mounted cargo lamp: LED
  • Side direction indicator and mirror: LED
  • LED Rear clearance lamp: LED
  • LED Rear identification lamp: LED
  • Underhood lamp: LED

Interior Lights

  • Map lamp: LED
  • Glove compartment lamp: LED
  • Interior lamp: LED
  • Overhead console lamp: LED

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