Look up Volvo S90, V90 specification, engine oil capacity, spark plug gap, safety rating, fuel consumption, transmission, and light bulb sizes.

Engine 2.0L 4-Cylinder DOHC

  • Recommended Oil viscosity: 5W-30
  • Recommended Engine Oil:  A5/B5
  • Drain Plug Torque:  28FT-LBS
  • Oil capacity: 5.7 qts


  • Capacity:
    • AWD: 15.9 U.S Gallons (60.0L)
    • Other Models: 14.5 U.S Gallons (55.0L)

Automatic gearbox

  • Type: AW1

Manual gearbox

  • Type: BOT 350M3


  •  Type: Ready-mixed coolant approved by Volvo. If concentrated coolant is used, mix with 50% water (of approved water quality, not salt water, etc.). Consult a Volvo dealer if unsure.
  • Capacity: 
    • Petrol engines without turbo: 8.0L
    • Petrol engines with turbo: 9.0 L
    • Diesel engines: 12.5 L



  • Petrol:
    • 2.0L I4
    • (140kW–235kW)
  • Diesel:
    • 2.0L I4
    • (140kW–173kW)
    • Hybrid:
    • 2.0L I4 petrol
    • (234kW–235kW + 64kW)


  • 6-speed M66 manual
  • 6-speed M76 manual
  • 8-speed Aisin TG-81SC automatic

Fuel Consumption

2019 VOLVO S90 Fuel Consumption

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