Light bulb size Pulling out the socket of the light bulb from the headlight assembly.

2022-Present Hyundai Tucson Light Bulb Sizes

Front Lights

  • Headlamp (High): LED
  • Headlamp (Low): LED
  • Daytime running lamp (DRL) / Position lamp : LED
  • Turn signal lamp: LED
  • Side marker: LED
  • Side repeater lamp (Outside mirror): LED

Rear Lights

  • Type A
    • Tail lamp: P21/5W 5/21W
    • Tail/Stop lamp: P21/5W 5/21W
  • Type B
    • Tail lamp: LED
    • Tail/Stop Lamp: LED
  • Turn signal lamp: PY21W, 21W
  • Reverse lamp: P21W, 21W
  • Side marker: 
    • Bulb type: P21/5W 5/21W
    • LED type: LED
  • License plate lamp: W5W; 5
  • High mounted stop lamp: LED

Interior Lights

  • Map lamp
    • Bulb type: W10W 10W
    • LED type: LED
  • Room lamp: FESTOON,10W
  • Personal lamp: LED
  • Glove box lamp: W5W, 5W
  • Sunvisor lamp: FESTOON, 5W
  • Luggage compartment lamp: FESTOON,10 W

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