YOUCANIC goal is to help car owners by providing free repair manuals guides and troubleshooting . We are powered by a community who dedicate their time and resources to help others.


Our purpose is to provide FREE automotive repair guides to help you do your own auto repair. Many car owners are interested in saving money by doing their own car repairs. Repair manuals can make DIY car repair easy but such resources cost money. That's where YOUCANIC comes in.

Always free, for everyone.  

Our mission is two-fold:

  • Provide a well-organized platform where you will find free car repair guides.
  • Help you diagnose car problems.

While we have staff dedicated to writing tutorials and articles, it is our community of contributors that makes YOUCANIC stand out. We are constantly improving our platform where our community of contributors can earn a reputation while helping others.


There are a lot of things in the world on which we rely on different people to do the job. Auto repair has been one of them until now.

Finding auto repair information on the internet is usually difficult and frustrating. The leading auto repair websites such as Haynes, Mitchell and Chilton are all paid resources.

WHile you will find websites that provide a free repair guide but their main purpose is to sell you auto parts, ebooks or paid manual. Car owners often turn to forums to look for free auto repair help, fixes and solutions. The problem with forums is that the quality of the content leaves much to be desired and often you will spend countless hours reading hundreds of posts.  

That is why we launched YOUCANIC. A truly free resource for troubleshooting your own car problems. Our goal is to provide one central location that provides completely free auto repair guides. Recommend solutions to car problems.  Our auto repair guides include step by step directions, pictures and video instructions.

Next time you have car problems don't rush to the repair shop. Do a search on to see if the problem that you are experiencing has been documented. We may even have a troubleshooting guide or a recommended fix. You may be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is to perform the repair yourself. Our guides prove in-depth information to help both the auto mechanics and car owners that don't have any prior experience fixing cars. 

Currently, our focus is the automotive industry but as we grow our tutorials will provide coverage for electronics, appliances, and other household items.


There are car problems that you encounter in which you are unable to reach an expert or maybe can't afford one.  That is when you think to yourself that if only you could do the repairing yourself. Worry not because we are here at your disposal to provide you with all the necessary knowledge that you might need. Always free!


Our own team of highly experienced and skilled workforce adds new auto repair guides daily. Please use our contact us page to send us a note or recommendation. Your suggestions are very important to us.