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In the past, most DIYers would service and repair their vehicles without the help of professional mechanics. Today people describe their cars as being sophisticated and complex and harder to work on. While that is partially true,  this belief is caused due to the increased number of sensors you will find on modern vehicles. Another factor is the engine cover placed on top of the engine which hides that standard internal combustion engine we are all familiar with. Because of this belief, car owners and DIYers rely on expert mechanics for even the simplest repair making car ownership very expensive.

An important fact that hasn't changed is that the internal combustion engine has not changed since the inception. What has changed is the diagnostic method. The fundamentals of auto repair are still the same. Contrary to popular belief, modern vehicles are easier to troubleshoot and diagonse. With the right tools within secods you can get input form various sensosrs that point you to the root of the problem. 

We built YOUCANIC to help you understand, diagnose and repair your modern vehicle. 


Next time you have car problems don't rush to the repair shop. Do a search on youcanic.com to see if the problem that you are experiencing has been documented. We may even have a troubleshooting guide or a recommended fix. You may be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is to perform the repair yourself. Our guides prove in-depth information to help both auto mechanics and car owners. 


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