How to Add Windshield Washer Fluid Subaru

Est. Time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Very Easy

This guide provides instructions on how to add windshield washer fluid to a Subaru. When the Subaru wiper fluid is low, this warning will appear on the dashboard.


What you will need

Using plain water is not recommended, especially in very cold weather conditions. 


  1. Park your Subaru on level ground. Engage the parking brakes. Turn off the engine. add windshield washer fluid subaru impreza
  2. Pull the hood release under the dashboard. It is located on the driver's side, below the dash.
  3. Locate the windshield washer fluid reservoir. On a Subaru, it is located on the driver's side of the engine. 
  4. Remove the cap by lifting it up. Add windshield fluid washer until you bring the level just below the cap.

That's it! Adding windshield washer fluid to a Subaru is very easy. 

Windshield washer fluid is also called windshield wiper fluid, wiper fluid, screen wash.


Only use approved windscreen washer fluid. 


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