How can I advertise on is a registered trademark. YOUCANIC goal is to empower car owners with the skills they need to maintain their vehicles. That's why we tear down cars to bring our readers step-by-step guides that teach anyone, even beginners, how to fix their car. accepts selected advertisements, allowing you to associate your product or firm with the YOUCANIC brand in a unique and meaningful way.


 Page Visits currently receives approximately 1,701,360 visits per year. 85% of traffic is organic search. 

 Video Plays

In the past year, our visitors have watched a total of 72 days, 16 hours and 13 minutes of YOUCANIC produced videos.


Most of our visitors are interested in how to repair, troubleshoot and fix cars, making an excellent advertising opportunity for automotive parts manufacturers, mechanics, and specialty shops.


Ad units are available at the bottom of most pages and are priced on a monthly basis (although some select ads may run on a quarterly basis). For information about ad pricing and availability, please contact us directly through this site's contact page.

 Acceptance criteria

We have sole discretion over the products and companies allowed to advertise on Here are a few factors we use when determining the eligibility of proposed advertising:

  • Products or services that empower owners with DIY auto repair.
  • Products that expand YOUCANIC adoption and usage.
  • Products or services that are of a high quality in both form and function.
  • Products or services that are created by significant contributors to the YOUCANIC project, or created by those with a track record of liberally "giving back" to their communities.
  • Products or services from companies that do not violate the YOUCANIC trademark policy.

Advertising space on is limited by design -- availability of advertising space is not guaranteed.

 Advertising revenue

Revenues received from advertisements placed on this site are used to grow YOUCANIC and allow us to write more technical articles and DIYs.