By YOUCANIC on May 14, 2019

How to remove car wheel

In this guide, you will find step by step instructions on how to take off a car wheel. 


Park Vehicle

Park your vehicle in a safe area. Set the parking brakes and move the shifter to Park position. 

Secure Vehicle

Place wheel chocks behind at least one of the other wheels. If wheel chocks are not available, use a large rock. 

Loosen lug nuts

Locate the lug nut wrench in the trunk of your vehicle. Use it to loosen the lug nuts.  To remove the lug nuts you need to turn the wrench counter-clockwise.  Do not remove the lug nuts or bolts. Only break them loose. 

Jack Up Vehicle

Jack up the vehilce. All vehicles have a designated spot on the car frame where you jack up the car. 

Secure vehicle with jack stands

Place a jack stand under the vehicle. Make sure to place the jack stands where you see frame metal. 

Remove Wheel

Remove the wheel from the vehicle. 



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