What tools do I need to change engine oil and filter on my car?

Changing the engine oil yourself is a great way to save money on car maintenance. We often have members ask what tools do I need to change oil and filter on my car.

To help our readers we have put together a list of most commonly used tools to change the engine oil on a car. 

Ramps or Jack

tools needed to change engine oil

If you are just starting out with DIY auto repair, car ramps are very useful.

Even if you use ramps, you should still place jack stands under the car to secure it and wheel chocks to prevent the car from rolling back.  

Jack Stands

what tools do you need to change oil on cars: jack stands

Jack stands are a must. Do not get under a car if it is not supported by jack stands. Always secure the car with jack stands. 

Oil filter wrench

oil filter wrench needed to change oil on a car

You need an oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter. If you know the size of the oil filter, the best oil filter wrench to use is a cap design that sits on the filter. If you don't, you can use a universal style oil filter wrench.

There are several oil filter wrench designs such as: Three leg oil filter wrench,  Rubber strap oil wrench, Oil filter pliers, Chain oil filter wrench. 

Our recommendation is to use oil filter pliers as they work a lot better than the other designs.

Oil drain pan

what tool do I need to change oil on my car: drain pan

You will need an oil catch pan to collect all the old oil. Make sure the capacity of the drain pain is larger than the oil in your car.

For example, don't buy a five-quart oil catch pan if you know your engine holds seven quarts. 


use latex gloves to change the oil on your car

Don't bother buying mechanic's gloves for changing the oil on your car. They will get dirty, and you will never use them more than once.

Instead get a box of latex gloves that you can use over and over. 

Socket tool set

tools needed to change oil on a car

You will need a socket set that comes with a 10mm-19mm socket and ratchet. The engine splash shield is typically held in place with 10mm bolts. 

In some cases, it is held in place by plastic retainers. 

You will also need either a 13mm, 15mm or 17 mm socket to remove the oil drain pan.

If you don't have a good tool set, spend a few minutes to read our article on Choosing the best toolset for DIY auto repair

Materials Required

what materials do you need to change oil on a car

You will need new oil and oil filter. Synthetic oil is strongly recommended. To find out the oil grade look on the cap of the engine filler hole. It will say 0W-20 or 5W-30. 

You can also find the required oil type and capacity in your owner's manual. 

When you go to your auto parts store, they have catalogs where you can look up the oil filter you need. 

How to change engine oil yourself

If you already have all the tools needed to change engine oil, then jump to How to change engine oil and filter. 

By  YOUCANIC Automotive Experts

Published on: Saturday, December 7, 2019.
Updated on: Tuesday, May 5, 2020