how to read bmw error codes fault codes dtc using bmw scanner tool

How to read BMW fault codes

Updated Tuesday Dec 26, 2017

In this guide, you will learn how to read and clear codes from BMW cars using various BMW diagnostic tools. After you read your BMW error code, you can clear them if the status is stored. If the error codes are present, you will need to fix the underlying problem then clear the codes. BMW fault codes may also be referred to as DTC or Diagnostic Trouble Codes. First, we show you how to read engine codes then we look at some advanced BMW diagnostic scanners that can troubleshoot various systems. Watch the following videos to learn how to read fault codes on a BMW. 

Read BMW Check Service Engine DTC Fault Codes

A generic OBD2 scanner will allow you only to read and clear codes related to check engine light/service engine soon. Check engine light or also referred to as Service Engine Soon codes are stored in the DDE/DME module. Even a cheap generic OBD2 scanner can read and clear these BMW error codes. The limitation with a generic OBD2 scanner is that they can not retrieve BMW specific fault codes. Code description may be too general or not correct for BMW. A BMW specific scan tool will provide better descriptions and even receive more codes. 

BMW Specific Scan Tools

  1. Foxwell NT510 for BMW
  2. Carly for BMW

Generic Scan Tools

  1. Autel AutoLink Scan Tool
  2. Ancel Code Reader
  3. ELM327 Bluetooth adapter + Torque App from Play Store

Read Fault Codes with BMW Scan Tools

If you need to diagnose the airbag system, ABS, DSC or any other module, you will need a scanner that can access multiple systems. In this section, you will learn how to use several advanced BMW diagnostic scanner and reset fault codes. 

AutoPhix ES910

bmw fault code reading tools

AutoPhix ES910 is another scanner worth considering if you are \looking for a good BMW Code Reader. While it works only on BMW it can access most systems including ABS, SRS, EGS and more. It is one of the cheapest BMW scanners that you can buy. Great value for the money. Usually, retails for around $150-$200.

Where to buy: 

Launch Creader

how to read fault codes bmw e46 with launch creader

Launch Creader is a scanner that works on BMW plus over 20 other makes. It is primarily able to scan four main modules: ECU, ABS, SRS, and transmission fault codes. It can't get into too many BMW modules, but it provides access to the four modules we mentioned in most cars. It is a better option and more powerfully than a generic OBD2 scanner or ELM327 Bluetooth Adapter or Torque App. Its main advantage is that it covers multiple makes and models. Typically retails for around $150-$200.

Where to buy:

Carly for BMW

how to read bmw codes youcanic

One of the most popular BMW scan tools in the market. It can access the majority of modules on 1996 and newer BMW. It can read and clear codes. Register a new battery. It is one of the few scanners that can code and program BMW features such as for enabling folding mirrors, getting rid of the iDrive warning message, change the low fuel warning setting and a lot more. Be careful with this scanner as you can cause damage to your BMW is you misconfigure a module. While the Carly adapter costs under $100, to use the advanced features of Carly for BMW you will need Carly for BMW Pro version. Carly for BMW setup ends up costing around $150-$180. It works with Android and iPhone but it requires a different adapter for each.

Where to buy: 

If you want to learn more about choosing a good BMW diagnostic scanner read this great article on Choosing a OBD2 scanner for BMW. 

Autel MaxiDAS BMW Diagnostic Scanner

software to read bmw fault codes bmw scan tool autel maxidas ds708

Autel MaxiDAS is a professional diagnostic scanner. It works on the majority of cars that you see on the road. This scanner is very easy to use and often you will see technicals and independents repair shops use it. Not only can access multiple BMW modules, but it allows you to test sensors and activate them for in-depth troubleshooting. Costs around $800-$1000.

Where to buy: 

Foxwell NT510 BMW Scan Tool

read bmw fault codes e46 yourself diy guide

Foxwell NT510 is a powerful BMW scan tool which is capable of reading and clearing codes form over 70 different modules. It also allows you to register a new battery and look at sensor data. It doesn't offer coding capabilities. If you are looking for an easy to use BMW scanner, this is a great choice. Usually, retails for about $150-$200. 

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  • Before you decide to buy any of the BMW scan tools make sure it covers your BMW model and year.
  • If your check engine light is on, your local auto parts store may scan the code for free. Those scanners only read codes from the engine control unit. So if you have a problem with ABS or transmission etc., you will not get any codes from those BMW modules. 



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