Bought new in 88 in Tokyo.  Sent to HKS Tokyo for the 1.8L stroker motor plus the twincharger system.  Brought back to US in 89, sold in 1990 for my first Eclipse GSX.  Bought back in 2003 (current owner found my email address in the back of the owners manual and called me). 

HKS stuff was long gone as the guy had replaced the engine with a Jasper rebuild  He painted it before I picked it up (In South Carolina). 8 coats of clear (I hate clearcoat peel folks).  I went thru everything, installed same year Celica all trac front calipers (twin piston), new dash, new t-top weatherstripping, new speakers, went thru the suspension, then flew out to Tokyo and bought a trans out of a running SC (an E51 trans, sadly couldn't find one with an LSD) and brought it home in my luggage (big ass tote). 

Sadly I had to store that tote outside and didn't know that a tree limb fell and BROKE the lid, so the trans has to be gone thru anyway because the tote was filled with water...ugh!  She's been stored for six years now, but I fire it up once or twice a year, usually and run it around town a bit.  She might be for sale for the right price.  Has brand new rubber (Nitto 450's just like are on it in the pics) since the tires on her are at least 20 years old now (not weather checked but probably flat spotted from sitting).

She had a section of paint crack on the LR quarter, no idea why, but I still have the paint can form when we painted it.  NO rust except in the trunk bottom where the felt pad was..didn't know the spoiler seals leaked (or something did, because the pad was soggy when I pulled it out and had been for a LONG time.  No rust otherwise, anywhere.