1 used to be mint until I hit a deer 3 blocks from my house while driving down to a car show in Kansas City.  It WAS the third cleanest bone stock GVR4 in the US at the time.  Now has 109k on it, only 5000 miles since 2003.  That's the white car on the left.  The black car is my old drag/road race car.  Got bent when the hoosiers turned to grease on a very hot track in July.  Flew off and into a pond.  The one on the right is the running parts car for the one on the left.  Body not bent, but the interior is trashed, trans is junk, engine has new head but I'd at least ring the motor before running it hard.  I've raced these and DSM's since 1990.  I was military.  Dave Buscher made a living off these and his first car was the twin of mine (a black 1990 GSX)