2 owner car, bought no shit from little 75 year old lady on oxygen, have original sale papers, one owner, bone stock except for upgraded turbo.  Decent little awd, but I hate automatics.  Newly rebuilt eeprom ecu (original ecu at that) 120k original miles.  Owned for 7 years, rarely drove it due to not liking the automatic's fuel mileage vs 5 speed. Only bought it because it was a one owner car and was supposed to be the real nice "black cherry" color.  However it was repainted at 2 years old due to roofers throwing shingles onto the car (wind shifted) while it was in Phoenix (Husband was a GM VP and rich as hell, and he paid 2500 over sticker to get it (market adjustment, it says on the invoice..BS). For sale.  Runs good but I think either the TCU is out or one of the shift solenoids went bad because it only had 2nd and 3rd gear (limp mode).  All gears were working fine when we parked it several years ago.  Got it running spring of 2020 (nothing else to do with covoid shutting the country down), tires flat spotted from sitting to hell and back.  Starting to rot but still looks pretty good.  NO sunroof (thank god).  Selling to finance my totally rust free 1995 GSX