Bought new in 97.  Wish I could have found a 5 speed manual as this thing has eaten FIVE 4L80E transmissions in it's 135k mile lifetime.  NO idea why unless the 4L80E is not made to tow, but this is a DUALLY DIESEL 4x4 for god's sake!

Truck is in excellent shape body wise, ZERO rust that I could find EXCEPT when I took the taillights out to replace them (foggy), I found the metal backing they bolt to had surface rust and no paint (probably a different alloy acting as a sacrificial anode or something) but ZERO rust anywhere else, not in the back edge of the front fenders, cab corners, only very MILD surface rust where the welting goes for the dually fenders against the body.  NO perforation anywhere, rockers are perfect too.

For sale.  I want to buy a new dodge ecodiesel.  Interior is in good shape except for a cracked dash up around the defroster vents (a lot of them crack there).  Other than that, it has ZERO clearcoat peel on the original paint on the exterior, though there is some paint loss on the INSIDE of the center pillar where the doors latch (between the front and back doors). Truck is all original with 200 miles on the last trans rebuild.  Not great on fuel, but it's not $60k either.  Depreciation on a new truck will buy a hell of a lot of fuel.  Asking $10k and the truck is worth it.  AND unlike new diesels you CAN run a veggie oil kit on this thing.  (which would help with the fuel mileage.  It will get 14 mpg at exactly 46 mph.  Take off 1mpg for every 5mph after that.  Old Blue still gets a lot of compliments (and yes, suggestions to repaint the wheels).  She's a comfortable truck, but not powerful enough to tow my 30' cabin cruiser (my 03 dodge doesn't like pulling it much better but the dodge has WAY better brakes at least)

Yes, you can find a beat to hell ecoboost ford for that price too if you work at it and you can get SEVEN mpg towing with that thing.