1995 Tahoe Sport 2 door (last of the full size Blazers)

TBI 350 that is VERY strong, ZERO rust, everything works including the AC, will have a rebuilt trans soon (lost the 2/4 band but I've been driving it with first, third and reverse for over 4000 miles now.  Ate the band while towing the mustang you see in the pic home from phoenix . Right as we left PHX too, so 1500 miles at 7mpg.  Yay.  But an ecoboost gets that bad when towing as well, and costs a LOT more.  For sale as is for $4k or with a new trans installed for $6k.  New tires, suspension rebuild kit comes with (Does NOT wear the tires but I think it needs lower control arm bushings so new control arms are in the box with all the other stuff). The ONLY thing I HATE about this truck is that the seat won't go back far enough.  Seriously, they couldn't make a longer seat track?  This thing is made for grandma who has her nose in the steering wheel!  Otherwise I LOVE this thing.  I've had it for ten or more years now and truly love the truck, aside from the seating position.  If I could move the seat back 8" I'd be a happy guy.  I wish I had a diesel 5 speed manual version of this (or a 5 speed vortec, which came out in 96) but the throttle body, while getting abysmal fuel mileage at 12 mpg, DOES have more low end grunt.  Now my 85 vette with TPI gets an honest 20 and I have a complete TPI setup (for the old style heads so it will need the 87 TPI intake manifold itself) with harness and computer ready to install (however, you need to swap the fuel pumjp for the newer vortec along with the sending unit and plumb your own fuel lines up to the tpi intake manifold's fuel rail), but that's relatively easy though a pain in the ass bending the new fuel line.  I would drive this across the country right now, even with just first and third gear.  I KNOW it won't quit on me.  NOT A SPOT OF RUST. There is a dent in the tailgate though and it WASN'T MY FAULT!  We were pulling the mustang onto the trailer and the trailer hitch released the ball (it was a 2" ball, the right size too) even though the hitch was padlocked.  No idea as I pulled the trailer over a thousand miles no problem to Phoenix.  But as we were pulling the mustang onto the trailer it popped off and went forward right into the tailgate.  There are a few door dings, as this IS a 25 year old vehicle  And the clearcoat on the roof is burned off (normal).  For race car towing duty you can't beat it (though I would put air bags under the rear) but you can see she doesn't sag much and the trailer is a 20k lb capacity and the Stang was 3500 pounds easy.  I wish they made them brand new with a duramax 6 speed manual now..they fit in ANY garage!  A buddy put an escalade front end on his  and it looked pretty darned nice (interior too)