Not rust free, but it's an Arkansas truck since new.  Rust just starting to bubble in cab corners and rockers, but not real noticeable yet.  Runs well,  currently trying to eliminate the stupid DEATH WOBBLE FROM HELL.  Already did the 1/4" plate steel brace for the steering box to frame rails with the pillow block, no joy there.  Changed the upper and lower control arms, no joy.  By summer, installing a complete MOOG tie rod/drag link kit for a 2009-2013 dodge 2500 to see if that stops it.  No idea why my 04 3500HD dually TWO WHEEL DRIVE and the 1500 4x4's got rack and pinion steering (which is totally sweet compared to this mess) and the 3/4 ton and up 4x4's did not, but they sure as hell should have and if I could figure out a way to retrofit it and make a kit out of it I'd be a very rich man. 

I love the dodge HD's for one reason.  MONSTROUS BRAKES!  The REAR brakes on this dodge are LARGER than the FRONT brakes on my 97 GMC K3500 1 ton dually diesel  (which warps rotors EVERY time you do a panic stop loaded, unloaded, doesn't matter the brakes aren't big enough for a CAMARO, much less a truck that size.  I SWEAR my 85 vette has the same calipers and rotors!  Or pretty damned close!

The good?  Great clutch, has the aftermarket dash repair kit cover (nicely done, my 04's dash is like peanut brittle it cracks that easy..this problem was due to the OEM supplier overheating the plastic before it hit the injection molding machine.

The BAD?  Currently waiting to rebuild the front driveshaft, and the transfer case.  (chain is just jumping over the gears, the case is fine), the OBD II port is dead for some reason and of course the rust that's just starting to show.  And I dented THIS damned tailgate too, backing up to my 30 foot cabin cruiser that decided to point the hitch up 3 feet off the ground while I was backing up to it.  Yeah, TEN THOUSAND POUND BOAT, on a 4000 pound trailer and the thing needed FIVE people standing on the tongue to get it to come back down (twin big block engines in back).  It was FINE until I barely grazed the hitch backing up and then it decided to get cute..and this is a TRIPLE AXLE TRAILER! 

Runs fine but feels a little down on power compared to my 04 2wd longbed crew cab dually diesel, but it may be the extra weight of the 4wd system and it might not be the HO motor (I know the 04 is). It does have new injectors and a FASS fuel filter/pusher pump setup (That worries me because the filter hangs down a bit below the frame)

Currently for sale as is, burns NO oil, slight blowby, but not pushing the dipstick up, for $8500 bucks.  $10k with everything fixed and the prev owner did the injectors and ball joints, so those are done.  ONE new BFG 315/75/17 all terrain KO2 tire and four of the original KO tires (off one of the first raptors, the guy told me?).  They have good tread but are starting to crack.  The new tire is of course new.  No spare, damn the luck, so I have to find a matching aluminum rim for it.  GOOD truck overall. AC not working, never tried charging it since it was a winter truck for me.  Again selling to finance a new dodge ecodiesel.