Bought this old gal several years ago and she's got around 320k on her right now . Blew an injector (we think, since it was filling the oil pan with diesel fuel and turned into a wonderful mosquito fogger.  Currently in a friend's shop undergoing diagnostics to find the bad injector or two (I know #4 was dead but I capped that off and it was still blowing fuel out the exhaust).  It has had the front suspension COMPLETELY REBUILT, nee EVERYTHING except wheel bearings/hubs and those are included, but the existing ones were like new.  NEW calipers, NEW rotors, ball joints, lower control arms, tie rod ends, ALL 4 SHOCKS  replaced, everything was done.  It drives like new.  Looks like total ass but drives great and tight.  Had six new tires right before the front end rebuilt (one worn one is on the rear, which prompted the front end rebuild).  ALWAYS starts fine, always did, no matter how cold it was (wish my 6.5 GM diesels could say that, they will NOT start without being plugged in).  Has a locking posi rear end.  Full floater.   New 6 puck metallic clutch, new pressure plate.  I have the old one, daughter blew ALL the organic lining off the old disc.  I still have it since she did such a good job killing it)  NEW one piece flywheel (plus the old one that just needed surfacing, it had been replaced and I didn't know it until we got the trans out). 

It lost 3rd gear oddly while sitting (the stupid camper got STUCK in the bed).  Nobody can identify this 6 speed trans.  It's NOT a NV5600 and it's NOT a G56.  It has the NV5600 reverse location (up and right, not up and left like our ancient dodge rampage 5 speed has), but when we installed the clutch, we ripped the rear seal on the trans and an NV5600 seal was like a quarter sized when it needed a silver dollar sized seal.  I bought a new shifter, thinking maybe the little rubber vibration isolator puck ripped and was jamming the shift fork, but THAT new shifter wouldn't fit either.  So nobody knows what is in it.  It feels like an old HURST 4 speed H pattern shifter that someone welded a bar across the 3rd gear gate.  It will NOT go into 3rd gear, not running not off, clutch in or out.  every other gear works fine, but with a granny first gear, 3rd is your get up to speed gear and it is a LONG jump between 2nd and 4th (which is probably why my daughter blew the clutch)

The interior is crap.  The left drivers butt cheek bolster is blown, the dash is peanut brittle, the carpet has a ton of dirt worked into it, but the AC WORKS!  Yes dented tailgate but this one wasn't ME.  It is a WORK TRUCK.,  Purple people eater.  Most of the clearcoat is GONE.  It looks like ASS!  Annoy your neighbors with it then use it for a mosquito fogger! It comes with a new injector and 6 new crush tubes.  I will either keep this one or the 2500 4x4 to tow my 30 foot cabin cruiser with, but one of the 2 dodges must go.  This one will be cheap as I got my use out of it after 7 years of driving it.  It has 315k miles or so on it  If we can get the injector situation figured out, great, if not, you can do it.  Speakers are blown.  Radio does work.  Like I said, good wood hauler IF you put some REALLY aggressive mud tires on the rear.  It will get stuck on level ground wet grass with the tires that are on it, posi or not.  Aggravating but I have highway tires on it now as I used it to go cross country with, with our little boats on vacation.  It DOES ride well.  Needs parking brakes adjusted though.  $5k takes it,  The front end alone and tires cost me over 1800 in parts (I only use MOOG parts, not Chinese crap and those parts cost!)  That's NOT including install labor

ONE SAVING GRACE!  It might be dented, clearcoat challenged, and butt ass ugly but there is NO RUST ANYWHERE!  I actually thought about putting that cab on the white 03 I have, but you can't remove that dash cover pad I put in the 03, and being a 2wd truck I didn't feel like cutting holes for the 4x4 stuff.  So it gets sold off.  It's a cheap, rust free cummins that is rust free, can haul a SHIT TON of stuff (that camper weighs nearly THREE TONS when loaded with gear and batteries and the genset . It needed a 3 foot long hitch extension just to get it even with the back of the camper . Camper is in need of a rehab, but it's dry inside and has some work already done (it's a 1975 Western wilderness and was the biggest one they made and I bought it BRAND NEW in 1975, granddad bought the chevy crew cab 2wd to put under it,  No ac, horrible inverter (a whopping ten amp job at that), no genset, etc.  But it is BIG inside at least and it's all plywood and metal and cedar for the framing.  Camper jack mounting points need rebuilding as I tried lifting it last time when it was fully loaded. NOPE, we got it out of the bed of the truck and it sheared off 3 of the four jacks just as we got the last railroad tie under it  So while I'd sell the camper with the truck if you wanted it, YOU get to finagle it back into the bed! That camper does need work, but it's liveable as is if you had to.  And it has been all over the country in its time and down to mexico and up to Alaska even.