Bought this ultra cheap.   Texas truck, ZERO rust anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE!  242k miles, doesn't burn a drop of oil, it was dealer maintained until I got it (east texas salesman), always garaged when not in use, PERFECT CLEARCOAT! Never wrecked, runs and shifts flawlessly. I had to replace the #4 coil pack and the drivers side window as the adhesive for the attaching brackets for the power window system fell off the glass, so I bought brand new glass and a brand new regulator/motor/lift system and had it installed, along with a new drivers side power mirror (heated) since I snapped the other one off  while shoveling snow next to it (rammed it with my head and yes, it hurt!)

I have brand new drilled and slotted rotors and new pads for all 4 corners when it comes time.  Brakes are still good but the front rotors are slightly warped so I'm just wearing them out before replacing them.  This has, with the exception of tracing the ac leak, been the most reliable truck I've ever owned.  But like all 2wd SUV's it SUCKS in any kind of snow or ice, doesn't matter WHAT tires it has on it either.  This truck never had a hitch ball on it until I bought it and it does not currently have a receiver hitch (which was a good thing in a way, until I found out that the wire harness doesn't have a plug in for a trailer brake controller like the models that DO have the trailer tow package and receiver hitch.  Bummer.  But it does have a 4 pin trailer connector.  It might need lower ball joints.  Not wearing the front tires much, but it's there.  It is a GREAT long distance driver (Not as great as my 02 Mercedes CL600 V12, but that car was $130k when brand new and the expedition was maybe 25-30k new).  Interior is in great shape excepting a pulled out seam on the left butt cheek bolster on the drivers seat.  Just the seam pulled due to leather shrinkage.  No foam damage.  EVERYTHING works and the ac is ice cold when you charge it but leaks out fast.  GOTTA be an o-ring somewhere.  I can't believe what state farm values this thing at,  A whopping 899 bucks as of 2018.  The truck is damned near MINT.  But liability only for this girl.  But she has ZERO timing chain noise, shifts perfectly, leaks nothing.  A buy here pay here would get five grand for it.  I upgraded the speakers to the factory 2 ways out of an eddie baur so it sounds marginally better than it did (better high end hertz wise) but it still sounds bad compared to the speakers in the 95 Tahoe sport I have (also stock) but at least the speakers in the expedition are REALLY easy to replace! And the door panel comes off easy too!

Anyway, if you need a BIG SUV that will pull an honest 15 to 17 mpg highway, find one of these.  That's NOT rusty.  And check those running boards/step rails for rust on the bottom side too. They won't do you a LICK of good in a side hit if they're rotten.