How to Change Rear Brake Turn Signal Light Bulbs on BMW 5 Series E60

DIY Cost: $5-$65
Est. Time: 20 min
Difficulty: Easy

This guide provides instructions on how to replace the tail light(s) or light bulb(s) on a  BMW 5 Series E60 model, years 2003-2009.

These procedures will help you change the brake light, turn signal, reverse bulb. 

What you may need


  1. Park vehicle, set the parking brake(s), and open the trunk.
  2. Remove the plastic retainers that hold the panel in place. You will need to remove the panel to expose the back of the tail light.BMW  5 Series E60 tail light removal
  3. Press the release tabs on the back of the tail light and remove the housing.BMW  5 Series E60 release
  4. Install in reverse order. Handle the new bulb with care, and don't touch it with bare hands. Use gloves.

Replace Tail Light Assembly on BMW E60

To replace the tail light on the BMW 5-series E60, follow the steps above, then remove the four 8mm nuts that secure the tail light. Pull the tail light toward the back to remove it. 

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