Chrysler Crossfire Fuses | Location | List

Chrysler Crossfire Fuses | Location | List

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In this guide, you will find information on Chrysler Crossfire fuse location, chart, and type.

Chrysler Crossfire has three fuse boxes. One is located on the side of the dashboard. Two are in the engine bay.

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Engine Fuses Block 1

Here is the location of the fuse box in the engine bay of Chrysler Crossfire.

fuse list Chrysler Crossfire 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Cavity Fuse Circuits
1 5 Amp Beige Garage Door Opening Signal, TPM and Seat Heater
2 5 Amp Beige Occupant Restraint Controller Passenger Airbag Off
3 5 Amp Beige Indicator, Safety Restraint System and Indicator, Passenger Airbag Off
4 30 Amp Green Wiper Motor
5 15 Amp Blue Radio
6 15 Amp Blue Exterior Mirror Adjustment, Left And Right
7 5 Amp Beige Electronic Transmission Control (Park/Reversing Lock), Photochromatic Rearview Mirror and BCM
8 15 Amp Blue Radio
9 10 Amp Red Roof Light, Horn, Anti-Theft Alarm, Liftgate Light and Tire Pressure Control
10 5 Amp Beige Speed Control
11 15 Amp Blue Ignition Coil 6 Cyl.
12 10 Amp Red Heated Washer Nozzles
13 10 Amp Red Spare
14 20 Amp Yellow Diagnostic Socket
15 5 Amp Beige Residual Engine Heat Utilization
16 Spare
17 Spare
18 Spare
19 40 Amp Orange Power Window, Front
20 10 Amp Red Spoiler Motor
21 30 Amp Green Seat Adjustment Right Side
22 30 Amp Green Seat Adjustment Left Side
23 15 Amp Blue Sound Booster (Amplifier)
24 30 Amp Green Seat Heater
25 20 Amp Yellow Pneumatic Control Unit, Rear Window Defroster
26 20 Amp Yellow Central Locking
30 Spare
31 15 Amp Blue Cigar Lighter, Glove Compartment Light
32 15 Amp Blue Wiper, Washer Pump, Headlight Flasher
33 5 Amp Beige Residual Engine Heat Utilization
34 Spare
35 15 Amp Blue Radio Frequency Remote Control, Hazard Warning Flasher, Instrument Cluster, Residual Engine Heat Utilization
36 30 Amp Green Residual Engine Heat Utilization
37 5 Amp Beige Circulating Air, Instrument Cluster, Radio Frequency Remote Control, Residual Engine Heat Utilization

Engine Fuses Block 2

Diagram of fuses found in the engine fuse box of a Chrysler Crossfire.

Chrysler fuse list

Cavity Fuse Circuits
1 15 Amp Blue Traction System
2 15 Amp Blue Engine Control 2
3 15 Amp Blue Engine Control 1
4 40 Amp Orange Air Pump
5 15 Amp Blue Fuel Pump
6 15 Amp Blue Horn

Interior Fuse Box

Location of interior fuses.

Chrysler Crossfire Add Power Steering Fluid Low DIY Video

Cavity Fuse Circuits
1 Not Assigned
2 15 Amp Blue Brake Lamp/Speed Control
3 7.5 Amp Brown Right High Beam, High Beam Indicator Light
4 15 Amp Blue Reverse/Turn signal Light, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror Control
5 7.5 Amp Brown Left High Beam
6 15 Amp Blue Right Low Beam
7 7.5 Amp Brown Right Parking/Tail Light Side Marker
8 15 Amp Blue Left Low Beam
9 15 Amp Blue Fog Light
10 7.5 Amp Brown Left Parking/Tail Light Side Marker
11 7.5 Amp Brown License Plate/Instrument Cluster Lighting/Symbol Lighting
12 7.5 Amp Brown Rear Fog Light (European Markets Only)
13 Not Used
14 Not Used

Always replace blown Chrysler Crossfire fuses with new Automotive Fuses that have the same rating as shown in the fuse chart.

Applicable years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.


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