Chrysler Crossfire Oil Change Instructions

Chrysler Crossfire Oil Change Instructions

DIY Cost: $40-$75
Est. Time: 45 min
Difficulty: Intermediate

This guide provides instructions on how to change the oil filter on a Chrysler Crossfire.


What you will need


  1. Drive the car up on ramps. Place the car in park and set the parking brakes. 
  2. Secure the vehicle with jack stands. Block the rear wheels to prevent the vehicle from rolling back. 
  3. Allow the engine to cool down for at least thirty minutes. 
  4. Remove plastic shield under the engine.
  5. Locate the oil drain plug at the bottom of the engine. The oil drain plug on a Crossfire is a 13mm bolt. Remove the oil drain plug. Allow the old oil to drain. The oil may still be hot. Avoid touching it.

  6. Replace drain plug washer. Replace the drain plug washer if you have one. 

  7. Reinstall the drain plug and torque it to 30Nm. 

  8. Locate the engine oil filer at the top of the engine. Use a filter wrench to remove the oil filter. location of engine oil filter on Crossfire 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 diy oil change

  9. Replace the oil filter. Install the new filter on your Crossfire and tighten it by hand. Next, torque the filter to spec 25Nm. 

  10. Locate the oil filler on top of the engine, driver's side.

  11. Add the recommended engine oil.
  12. Wait at least 5 min and check the oil level after you. Don't overfill the engine with oil. 
  13. Lower the vehicle and start the engine. Ensure the car is running smoothly and the oil light stays off. 


The engine used in Chrysler Crossfire vehicles is manufactured by Mercedes-Benz and is known as the M112 engine. Engine parts used in the Crossfire are interchangeable with Mercedes-Benz SLK320. 

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