Ad blu issues

Question by Kathryn Jeff posted 6 months 2 weeks ago in V-Class

Got a V Class Merc, 66 plate When i first got my Merc my Ad blu would last me approx 10,000, and did so for 18 months, April this year i had a recall on the vichile, when i got it back the ad blu got to half a tank, i got a warning messages to refill the ad blue, when previously the tank got down to under a quarter of a tank, before i got a warning. also I had only done 4,000. I called Merc and they said it was down to the new laws and new soft wear they had done whilst my vechile was in. I've just had it serviced two weeks ago, I've done, 2,000 miles and the ad blu is tank is done to half again and i'm getting a warning messag, phoned Merc they said bring it in to be checked. Has any other Merc driver having this issue. 10,000 now 4,000 a tank of ad blu. Merc said they where new to the ad blu requirements and not sure of what will happen.