This is for a 2011 Corolla S. When the light came on I followed the instruction as they appear as soon as you google MAINT REQD Toyota Corolla. However, that did not help as far as turning the light off by reseting Trip miles. Maybe the car needed that oil change asap even though there were 1k miles left until the next oil change.

Light was gone after I got the car from the shop where I did the oil change.

Does this scenerion mean that when you see MAINT REQD light and after 2-3 attemps to reset trip mileage and restart the car the light is still there you REALLY need to change the oil asap in order to avoid any potential issues and get rid of the warning light?



That's strange. You manually have to reset MAINT REQD light. The light will not reset on its own. My guess is that the shop where you did the oil change carried out the reset procedure for you.
Hi, I understand the problem you are facing. I would advise you to read the oil change instruction from your car manufacturer properly. see what happens is that the car oils are manufactured using a different combination of the oils, chemicals, adhesives, and repellants. These ingredients of oil have a lifetime, which is generally mentioned in terms of distance traveled or in the time period. On completion of either of the deadline, you need to change your oil. This practice keeps your engine in perfect condition and safe. However this problem is arising very frequently violating the two conditions then you need to get your car checked as it may be due to improper combustion of the fuel leading to high production of unburnt fuel, leading to the pollution and using up your oil quickly.