It is a Nissan Serena model C24 with engine type QR 25. The vehicle is equiped with ABS module. The four wheel speed sensors are working. Using the scan tool, the fault obtained are as followers: 1) ABS U100 CAN COMM CIRCUIT (STATUS Current), 2) ABS C1113 G-SENSOR (STATUS Current), 3) ENGINE P1720 V/SP SEN(A/T OUT) (STATUS 1st trip).



Hey Sorry to hear about this. NIssan Serena is not a bad car :D From the codes you shared it seems like there are no problems with your Can Comm Circuits or the G-Sensor. However, I think your engine has a heating problem, that can have an impact on your speed-o-metre The Engine probably cannot communicate with the shaft speed sensor and you might need to get this changed.
Hey kincsem, Thank you for your reply. I have changed the input and output sensor on the CVT gearbox, the DTC faults remained the same. Note that the engine cooling fan operates between 97 degree to 101 degree celcius. I think that the ABS module is faulty. I also test the instrument cluster, the speedometer is good.
Based on the codes that you posted, my guess is the ABS module is faulty. The solder joints in the module can break due to heat and cause a number of issues and fault codes. You can replace it with a used one. Or remove it and send it to a specialist who repairs those units. It's cheaper and you don't have to mess or worry about programing the unit.