Need Help With C240 Limp Mode after several repairs

Question by JoeJoe posted 7 months ago in

I can't seem to find the problem. Not sure what to look at next.

****for all of these issues listed below I reset the codes and checked the fluid lever after the car warmed up. My scanner is a Ancel FX2000.

I don't know if this matters but after I completed all the things listed below; there was no difference in anything. It responded exactly as if I didn't do anything.

1. There were no previous issues with the transmission prior to this event. I was driving in 2nd gear on the interstate and floored it to get into traffic and it went into limp mode as soon as it downshifted into 1st.

2. Replace conductor plate and female 13 prong adapter - cleaned all components with electrical contact cleaner - did not fix problem / Drove it several times and still the same. Start out in 1st shifts to 2nd won’t shift into 3rd and won’t downshift to 1st. Stuck in second gear.

3. Checked TCU under floorboard for oil - no oil clean / The shifter seems to be ok. Nothing unusual about the way it works and the correct gear it is in is displayed on the instrument panel.

4. Replaced Mass Air Sensor

5. Because of the following reading of 0 on the "shift pressure control solenoid valve", I bought new solenoids and replaced them. I checked the new solenoids to make sure they worked. I also checked the solenoids I removed and they worked too but I went ahead and installed the new ones.

Set current of component Y3/6y2 (Shift pressure control solenoid valve)   986 mA

Actual current of component Y3/6y2 (shift pressure control solenoid valve)  980 mA

Pressure of component Y3/6y2 (shift pressure control solenoid valve)     0 mbar

6, Put everything back together and still the same. The reading on the data stream for the "shift pressure control solenoid valve" still read 0

I don't know what to do next.