Honda Steering Column Combination Switch Replacement

Are you no longer able to turn on the headlights on your Honda? Maybe the turn signals don't cancel on their own. Or maybe the wiper switch has stopped working. The problem could be your combination switch. 

In this video series, you will find instructions on how to replace the combination switch on Honda vehicles. The video clips in this guide were recorded on a 2015 Honda Civic but these steps will help Accord, CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot,  Fit, Ridgeline, HR-V, Insight owners as well.

Replacing the combination switch on a Honda takes about 1 to 2 hours and requires only a few basic tools.  


When you Honda combination switch goes bad you may notice one or more of the following.

  • Lights won't turn on or off
  • Turn signals not working or not canceling
  • Windshield wipers not working

What you will need

Tools Needed


  1. Start by turning your wheel and make sure that they point straight forward. Turn off the ignition. Next, open the honda hood


  2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and wait 15 min before you start removing the airbag. honda neg terminal


  3. Remove two Torx bolts on each side of the steering wheel. Disconnect the airbag wires. Remove the airbag.
    Video file
  4. Remove one 14mm bolt that secures the steering wheel. Mark the steering wheel shaft before you remove it, so that you can install it in the same exact position.  Remove the steering wheel. 
    Video file
  5. Remove the clock spring. Mark the clock spring exact location. Do not rotate the clock spring after you remove it. Further instructions on how to remove Honda clock spring
    Video file
  6. Remove the screws that hold the combination switch in place. 
    Video file
  7. Disconnect the electrical connects. honda steering column switch


  8. Remove Honda combination switch from the steering column. remove Honda combination switch


  9. Align the new combination switch on the steering column.  honda civic dimmer switch removal


  10. Reinstall everything in reverse order. 
    Video file



RobRod, 2019-08-21

On a 2015 Honda Civic this video was spot on. i replaced just the wiper switch on the assembly And Saved Some $$$$ addition i used a rubber mallet to massage steering wheel loose w/ pentrant oil..

By YOUCANIC on Feb 15, 2019


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