I am new here and need some help Yesterday I bought one XF S Luxury 3.0 diesel automatic ....When I was driving on the motorway everything was good with the engine but when I decide to accelerate I bit more and driving I bit fast ... the engine stop while driving ... I stop the car ... get the gear knob on P and turn off the ignition.... now I can’t start the car anymore .... even the engine doesn’t try to start ... getting ignition on ... foot on break and when press the start button doesn’t happen nothing ... all the lights on the dashboard turning off and look like similar to dead battery.... was trying to get a power from another car with cables to the battery but nothing happens .... sometimes on the dash it’s coming gearbox faulty and other faults ..... any suggestions what can cause the problem I’ve tried with another battery that have a 12.4 volts on 6 month old fully charged but nothing

When press the start there is just “click” that is coming from under driver position near and nothing happens