Audi Trunk falls on incline

Question by deb2019 posted 1 year ago in 2017-____ (B9)

I just brought my car into the dealership for its annual maintenance and told them about a problem where the trunk no longer stays fully open when on an incline. It falls part way so I have to hold it up if I expect to put anything in there or take anything out. It didn't use to be this way, it used to always stay up.

They checked and claimed everything was in working order and sent me on my way and asked how steep the hill was. But I don't see how the steepness of the hill matters because the fact is, it never used to do that and now it does. I did not know what else to say make them fix it what they claim is normal but, surely this is not "normal", right? Or is this a common occurrence? Even my old Honda Accord never had that problem. Any advice on what to say to the dealer and insist they fix? Thanks.