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Trying to do this for the second keyfob they gave us with my daughter's used 2008 Acura TL. One keyfob works but the other doesn't. Not sure if it's just the keyfob itself or the programming since I've tried the steps most people tell you to do. Yours are slightly different, so I'm going to try them but had a couple of questions. Under Step 3, you say "Press Unlock on working keyfob: Press the lock button on the keyfob." The second keyfob you mention - is that the nonworking keyfob you are talking about? Under Step 5, you say "Repeat steps 2 through 4 three more times. In other words Dash lights on (Position II) > Press Unlock on working keyfob > Dash lights off (Position I), four times total." You say to repeat steps 2-4 but when you summarized the steps, you don't mention "Press the lock button on the keyfob." as you instruct in Step 3 above. Is that only done the first time you cycle through? Hoping this works. If not, we'll likely just need to get a new fob. It seems to work (the red light blinks when you press the button) but it doesn't seem to want to program. Thanks for any help.

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