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6-Speed Manual

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I have a 2006 e66 and I used the dash knobs to reset after brake fluid and oil change. Both reset, but the next day oil was saying due as if nothing had been done. Changed oil level and condition sensor with a BMW one and not even a full software upgrade to 2016/17 had any effect. Annoying, but I have come to expect electronic problems. If I replaced something at the first electronic twitch I'd be wasting time and money. If it doesn't pass the MoT I'll fix it. If window doesn't go down or up, I'll fix it, but if electronics are saying flashy warning serious problem I tend to wait and see if it doesn't go away and it usually does. If your ABS fails you will see a specific light in the instrument panel. A car will still stop without ABS so book it in if it fails not because it might fail. Just my tuppence, good luck!

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