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Not sure, but I went into to see why only ONE of my Angel eyes cuts on in bright weather or when I lock the car (with Auto lamps on). It works fine when turned to “ON” or turned to “PARKING LAMPS” and both Angel Eyes work in every situation. BMW Recommendation: We don't know what's wrong but we could order an entire new headlight assembly (5k), retest and THEN see if that fixes it. They weren't even able knowledgeable about the functionality to turn on only one side of the Parking Lamps when parked on the side of the road for safety. ITS IN THE IDRIVE CAR MANUAL!) Strangely, when I teuren this mode on it forces both Angel Eyes on during in all modes but when I try to exit the car I get a warning that says “Parking Lights” are on even when I turn it to automatic. I would take their word as the only solution! Also, look for salvaged parts. I saw TONS of OEM adaptive HID's for cheap but I unfortunately was misinformed and my car had crappy halogens. Jeremy F10 538i

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