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I love my car, and I have had it since May 2014. There are 45,000 miles on the car so it is still under warranty. I really don't know much about cars and fixing them, so I was hoping for some advice from some of you here.

Last month, I started having issues with the transmission. The car actually broke down in the middle of the highway while I was driving it and the wheels locked so no one could push it off the highway. I got it towed to the dealership and they told me it was the transmission, which is what I was expecting. But I do find it odd that the transmission went after 45,000 miles. Since it is under warranty still, I got a new transmission and it drove like new for 6 days.

On the 6th day that I had it back, I was going to leaving work, and my engine would not start. The car would start, but the engine would not. The car was driving completely fine that morning on my way into work, and then it sat in the parking lot for about 9 hours before I tried to drive it again. I got it towed (again) to the dealership, and they told me it was the starter. The starter was replaced, and it still wouldn't work. After checking the battery, it was showing very low voltage. So, they replace the battery, and it still won't work.

After running diagnostics, the dealership told me that the car is reading that it is stuck in 2nd gear, but they cannot figure out WHY it is saying that it is stuck in 2nd gear. They have been working on it for 3 days and still can't figure it out. They tell me it could be an issue with the computer but they don't know what is causing it.

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