How to Diagnose / Reset Lexus ABS Fault Codes

How to Diagnose / Reset Lexus ABS Fault Codes

DIY Cost: $65-$140
Est. Time: 20 min
Difficulty: Intermediate
This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to read and clear Lexus ABS fault codes.

If your Lexus ABS light stays on, it means the ABS is not working properly. In most cases, the problem is a faulty ABS wheel speed sensor, but you won't be able to know without first reading the codes from the ABS module.

What you will need

An ABS scanner is required. Can not use a simple code reader because a generic code reader can not retrieve ABS fault codes. 


To find out what is wrong with your ABS system or which ABS sensor is faulty, follow these instructions on how to read Lexus ABS light codes. You will have to fix the problem in order to clear the fault codes. 

  1. Simply connect your OBDII diagnostic tool to the diagnostic port located under the driver dash area.OBD port dash area


  2. Turn on your ignition two steps (Do not turn on your engine)Ignition on 2 clicks


  3. Allow the OBDII tool to communicate with your car’s internal computer (protocol sorting)OBD reading codes
  4. Select “Read Codes.”  If your ABS has any issues, trouble codes should be visible.
  5. Fix the underlying problem. Once the problem has been fixed, come back and select Clear fault codes to reset the ABS light. 

In some vehicles, you may have to select the model/year of your car for communication to be initiated.

If the ABS light is on due to a faulty ABS sensor, the scanner will display the position of the sensor. For example, a faulty FL Wheel Speed Sensor means the front left ABS sensor is defective. 

Replacing the faulty ABS sensor will, in most cases, allow you to reset your Lexus ABS light, but in some rare cases, the wire harness or connector to the sensor may be the issue. 

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