Disconnect Mercedes-Benz ABC Hose Coupling Quick Disconnect

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In this guide, we demonstrate how to disconnect a Mercedes-Benz ABC suspension line without using the ABC line disconnect tool.


Mercedes abc line disconnected

The ABC lines on Mercedes-Benz are high-pressure lines, and to disconnect them, you need a unique SOLVE tool or use the method shown in this video. 

mercedes abc suspension line  remove disconnect

These connectors are used all over Mercedes-Benz models with ABC suspension funder on various S-Class, SL-Class, and CL-Class models. 

Mercedes abc line quick disconnect high pressure line 230589013300 or 221589013300

Mercedes-Benz recommends using a tool 230589013300 or 221589013300 to disconnect the quick disconnect coupling on the ABS lines. Another method is to use diagonal cutting pliers. Not to cut the ABC line but to release the connector. Another option is to use a 15mm bike pedal wrench.

Disconnect Mercedes-Benz ABC Hose Coupling Quick Disconnect

In this video, we used diagonal cutting pliers to press the sleave up and push up the O-ring inside the female end of the coupling.

Another option is to use a 14mm wrench and grind it on one side to make it thin enough to slide behind the sleeve, allowing you to release the quick connect. 

Once the O-ring is pressed up, then you can pull the two hoses away to separate them. 

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Associated Part Numbers

  • 221 589 01 33 00,
  • 221-589-01-33-00,
  • 221-589-01-33-00 MBZ,
  • 221 589 01 33 00,
  • 221589013300


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Disconnect Mercedes-Benz ABC Hose Coupling Quick Disconnect