Ford Focus Oil Reset Instructions

In this article, you will find instructions on how to get rid of the "Oil Change is Required " message on a Ford Focus.

Performing a change oil on your Ford Focus should be done regularly to prevent premature wear on the engine. After performing an oil change on your Ford Focus, you should reset your oil counter by following the instructions below.


The message "Oil Change is Requred" is displayed on the Dash.


  1. Turn off the engine and shift the vehicle to park.
  2. Turn the ignition on
  3. Wait for a message "Oil Change is Required" to be displayed on the Dash.
  4. Press and hold the accelerator pedal down to the floor.
  5. Press the brake and hold.
  6.  After 3-5 seconds, a "Service Oil Reset in progress" will appear on the dash.
  7. Continue holding the two pedals down until the " Service Oil reset: complete" message appears on the dash.
  8. Release pedals.

You are done.

After this process, your vehicle will initiate a countdown for the next oil change.

Important: Be sure to change your engine oil before executing the steps above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the "Oil Change is Required" mean?

  • This message is designed to alert you when the engine oil needs changing; the internal counter is based on the car's odometer reading.

Can you trust the oil life indicators?

  • If you perform a regular oil change and perform an oil counter reset afterward, your oil life indicator is accurate and trustworthy.


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