Brake and Wheel noises

TylerA • 15 November 2019

Hi, I'm having two noises that I have assumed were separate issues, but I'll describe them both in case they're connected. By the way, I drive a 2003 Honda Accord, with 4 cylinders.

The first: When I accelerate from a stop I notice rustling sound that is rhythmic, increasing in frequency as I increase in speed. It is almost as if something is in the way of something else and gets brushed out of the way every time the "something else" comes around. The noise is not there when I'm stopped and idling. I don't notice it at all when I'm driving at 35 mph. There is nothing dragging under the car hitting the street. Maybe it is just me but it seems more pronounced when I first start driving, but maybe I'm just more sensitive to the noise at the beginning of my drives.

The second: When I press my brakes it sounds as if a cord is being pulled tight. I can hear the tension stretch in to it, and I can hear the tension stretch out of it when I release the brake. When I press the brakes lightly I don't hear anything, but as I come to a stop and press them harder I hear them. At first I thought it may have been the bushings but I realized that I can make the sound come as I press and release the brakes while perfectly stopped, when the weight of the car is not shifting. It almost sounds as if the tension is happening toward the rear of the car. By the way, I do get a little creaking as the car starts, when the brakes are not applied, which is why I thought of bushings at first.

So I'll hazard a guess. And I'm likely totally wrong. But could it be that the rotors or brakes somehow have some little wiggle to them, allowing them to be plumb with the ground at some times and slightly off at other times? This could lead to uneven wear on the rotors that could create a brushing sound as the highest point of the rotor brushes the brake pad. At high speeds perhaps they come into better alignment and I can't hear it as well. Or maybe it is there and the roar of the road covers it up? And could some type of tension on the brakes be the cause of pulling them out of perfect plumb alignment? But this doesn't make sense because brakes don't seem to have a cord that would have tension, since it is liquid and hydraulic, right?

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Hey okay

So you have got two problems and it is good you are not ignoring them.

For the 1st Problem, please check the following:

1. Look under your car, it's possible that a loose piece is dragging along the road

2. Are your tyres new? or do they need changing. Old tyres can create these kind of problems

3. When was the last time you changed your spark plugs? It can also be a problem

For the second problem,

1. When was the last time you changed your brake oil?

2. It can be a simple wear and tear of parts, but let's start with the brake oil

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  • I would like to say that both problems can be extremely serious.

    I would never ask you to simply 'ignore' a problem

    When you are talking about the noise when you accelerate the car, what it does like is a possible problem with the engine. I say possible because there can be many more reasons and we just need to narrow down to some.

    We can start with checking spark plugs, the compressor and valves to ensure everything is clean. If you have a scanner, it would help.

    When you talk about the brake issue. I don't think its an 'issue' cause I have personally used cars with 'hydraulic' systems but they still feel very .. primitive and like I'm pressing on a wire. But yea, it's a good to see if you have check brake fluids.

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