Spark plugs snapping off inside cylinder cavity

Tony Howell 1 • 15 November 2019

Changing plugs on drivers side. Started with the easiest first because I heard they were notorious for breaking. Anything I can do to prevent the plugs from snapping.


Hi Tony, I hear you. Nothing worse than spark plugs snapping off in the head. There is a couple of tips that I would suggest. One is you could spray a little of PB Blaster on each spark plug hole and let it sit overnight. This will make it a lot easier to remove the plug. The only down side is that once the spark plug is removed, that little PB Blaster will end up inside the cylinder. It will burn in the cylinder, but make sure not too spray too much. A couple of sprays per plug.

The other tips is that you can remove the sparks plugs with a hot engine. They will be a lot easier to remove. The down side here is that you need to be careful to not burn yourself.

Btw, if you can take a few pictures and do a write up by <a href="">creating a post</a>. The community would appreciate it and I would like to see how it goes.

Good luck!

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  • You can also apply a generous amount of synthetic oil to the glow plug thread and leave to act, if possible over night, or longer than that

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