Specs for Battery 2000 E320

HOLLYWOOD • 15 November 2019

Damsel in Distress Cold start two times quick start up immediate shut off 3rd time ok. Very limited budget got laid off. Need to make right decision. Drove immediately to mechanic don't know him don't know if I can trust him which is always an issue with mechanics he does have diagnostic machine tho. He's been busy so I did Google search and luckily:)) found this site, Yay! Read the existing applicable threads which stated that the computer on start up checks the battery and the battery is not up to Snuff it turns itself off after starting and of all the various replies I've decided that it clearly must be the battery. Had the same issue couple months ago took the battery to AutoZone to get it charged more AutoZone says it's the original battery another AutoZone said it's more than 3 years old after I left it doesn't make sense what they said it's either the original or it's either 3 years old!!!!! how to find out which is which?? At that time, called a Mercedes Benz dealer consultant. I gave him overall performance history. He said the battery would be the thing to let me down n to replace it immediately today I finally have the money. New alternator 2 years ago. Mercedes rep also warned me that AutoZone batteries are old to make sure the battery is brand new not sitting there for more than one month he said most sit there for 6 months and so do NOT EVER! buy them but he said when I am ready to buy to ask someone who knows exactly what the specs are and make sure whatever battery I buy probably Duralast will have the exact same specs as is required I will do this today as soon as I get an answer cz I have no peace of mind worried about a no start at this moment. Bottom line I'm asking what are the specs and stamped information I should look for on a new battery and what would be stamped on the current battery to know if it is original. Maybe the AutoZone rep meant that it was the same brand and came from the auto dealer like an original because no battery last for 20 years how can that be??!!

<p>Hi there,</p>

<p>Sorry to hear about your troulbes. All batteries will have a sticker that shows the manufacureing date and the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Plus the size of the battery.</p>

<p>I think you are stressing too much about the battery. What you need to look for is the battery size which is also known as the group size. Your E Class needs an H8 which is the same as Group 49. But Group 94 also fits this vehicle and is slightly larger.</p>

<p>The next thing to worry about is the CCA rating. The factory requires over 850CCA rating but from my experince any battery that is the right group and rated as low as 650 CCA would be just fine.</p>

<p>To figure out how old the existing battery is, look for the date sticker on it. It may be a Mercedes battery (meaning OEM) but not the original one. Most likly it was replaced at some point.</p>

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  • <p>Wow I voted you very helpful because neither Pep Boys or AutoZone not even the dealer talked about the group. A..maze! ing (pun intended)&nbsp;the&nbsp;conflicting information I received from all sides. I can only make a clear decision if the facts line up. the dealer said my car had a 760 amp 12 volt and they suggested not going much over 760 because of possible damage to computer&nbsp;diodes. He says 800 ok, 850 maybe not. A-Zone&nbsp;trying to sell me 900 amp CCA they said it didn't matter because three&nbsp;900 CCA batts came up&nbsp; as a match on their computer under the mbz make and model&nbsp; whereas&nbsp;the dealer said&nbsp;the manufacturer&nbsp;spec is more correct cz&nbsp; it matches to the&nbsp;specific VIN. AutoZone telling me to get gel&nbsp; and&nbsp; Pep Boys telling me to get acid neither knowing&nbsp; why one&nbsp; would be better suited to the car. you don't even want to know about the install&nbsp; Pep Boys charge 70 bucks&nbsp; if it's not their&nbsp;battery&nbsp; but they can only guarantee labor but not whether the car will&nbsp; will operate electronically after install. Mercedes gives you the whole warranty for the battery and the electronic proper operation.&nbsp;American Tire&nbsp; said they'll help me in whatever way they can&nbsp; to install... but what does not line up is&nbsp; that&nbsp; none of them mentioned the necessity to use&nbsp; the memory saver handheld device!....which I found out via Googling is supposedly crucial&nbsp; when installing a new battery&nbsp; to make sure&nbsp; nothing&nbsp; Burns Out&nbsp; or becomes inoperable&nbsp; or malfunctioning&nbsp; like a heart transplant&nbsp; the memory saver has to be plugged in during the install process to save the computer information. So thank you&nbsp;much! this helps me&nbsp;to know what decision to make.&nbsp;&nbsp;And I'm sure you're right I'm stressing way too much!! And TY Youcanic!&nbsp;</p>

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  • <p>There are two reasons why different stores say their battery will work. 1. They want you to buy their battery. 2. Yes, any of those batteries will work. Even the 900CCA. The W210 can handle a range of batteries. Seriously don't worry about which battery you get but keep these things in mind.</p>

    <li>I woudn't recommended any battery below 650CCA. The car will run fine but in cold months it may struggle to start.</li>
    <li>Yes you need the right battery size. As far as chemsitry it doesn't matter. In my experince AGM batteries perform the best.</li>
    <li>If you are on a tight budget Walmart usually have the cheapest battery for that car. Don't expect it to last as much as a premium battery though.</li>

    <p>Good luck and don't stress too much. Be glad it is not a BMW, which would have required battery registration and coding if you changed type and capacity.</p>

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