Free History Report

Are you looking for a free car history report? Don't waste time on the web trying to find hacks on how to get CarFax and Autocheck reports for free. Now we have a new service that offers free car history reports. Yes, really! Completely free car history reports. This service is completely free and provides similar information CarFax and AutoCheck provide. We run several free reports on cars that we are familiar with and the Vehicle History was spot on. The free car report that we run can be found below. To get your free car history report visit

Free History Reports by VIN

The wait for a free car history report is over. Completely Free Car History Report.

This is a free service. Please report any problems or if this car history report service becomes paid. 

If you are looking to buy a car, getting a vehicle history report is the most important thing you should do to avoid a lemon. CarFax and AutoCheck were the two sites most owners had to use due to lack of free car history report services. 

Free Car History Reports

Don't you hate how many websites are out there offering free car history reports but in reality they aren't free. These services want you go to the vendors website enter the vin number and they will tell you they found 20 records on your car. For that free report, you have to pay. 

Even CarFax has a page on how to get Free CarFax reports. In reality. it doesn't give you a free report. It just tells you to go to dealers and ask for a CarFax report. 

Check out this FREE Car History Report by VIN 

We run several reports one of which was on a 2003 Mercedes-Benz S430 which we were quite familiar with. To our surprise this free history report showed the odometer records along with title branding. To our surprise this car had turned into a salvage vehicle. 

Here is the report: 

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