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A vehicle with a four-wheel drive has a drive train that can send power to all four wheels. This system locks the front and rear axles together to provide additional traction when there… Read more


A-pillar is the structural component of an automobile's frame found between the windshield and the front doors. It is known as the A-… Read more

A/C Compressor

One of the essential components of your air conditioner is the compressor. The compressor is a belt or electric-driven pump… Read more

Anti-lock Brake System

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is a program designed in your vehicle's braking system that prevents your car's wheels from locking up during a hard braking application. This, in turn, helps the… Read more

ABS Light

The ABS light is a symbol on the dashboard that notifies the driver… Read more

AC Outlet


An AC outlet is a plug that produces the same amount of electricity as your home. The output voltage in North American… Read more

Active Suspension


An Active Suspension is an electronic-controlled type suspension system that raises or lowers the ride height to… Read more

Adaptive Cruise Control


Adaptive Cruise Control is a system featured in the latest automobiles that assists in maintaining a safe… Read more

Adaptive Headlights


Headlights that adapt to changing conditions are known as… Read more



Most automotive manufacturers are subject to regulations, many of which are increasingly related to environmental concerns. The most recent emissions restrictions, known as Euro 6, aims… Read more

Adjustable Shocks

Adjustable shocks consist of an oil-filled tube with a pistonRead more

Air Bag


Airbags are additional safety devices that operate best and consider as one of the essential safety developments in recent decades. They are inflatable cushions fitted into a car that… Read more


The process of reducing air temperature by dissipating heat is known as air cooling. The air-cooled system uses air-reducing fins… Read more

Air Filter


An air filter is responsible for keeping hazardous particles out of the… Read more

Air Injection

The air-injection or AIR system is an exhaust-emission-control system that uses a low-pressure pump to inject fresh air into the Read more

Air Pump

The Air Pump, also known as the smog pump, was created to provide new, clean, and pressured oxygen into the exhaust stream. Since… Read more

Air Scoop

Typically, air scoops are the bumps found in most performance cars, especially in muscle models. Its purpose is to transfer cooler, less dense air into the… Read more

Air-Fuel Ratio


The amount of air in proportion to the amount of fuel is known as the air-fuel ratio. The… Read more

Airbag Light

Airbag Light is an illuminated indicator that there is a malfunction in the airbag system. The most typical reason for the… Read more

Airbag Scanner

The Airbag Scanner is a diagnostic tool for the SRS system's faults or problems. Most scanners can clear soft codes after… Read more

Airbag Scanner

Airbag Scanner is an OBD-II scanner that can read and clear fault codes from the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS).

Airbag Warning Light

Airbag Warning Light illuminates to notify the driver that the airbags are deactivated and will not deploy in case of an accident. An airbag scanner is required to read and clear the fault codes… Read more



The alternator, also known as an AC generator, is a device that converts mechanical energy from the… Read more


Antifreeze is a liquid added to the engine cooling system to transfer heat away from the engine while running, as well as prevent the… Read more

Anti-Roll Bar

The… Read more


In-vehicle security systems, anti-theft causes the horn to sound and the lights to flash if someone tries to break into your… Read more

Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio, in tire terminology, applies to the ratio of the height of the… Read more

Engine Start/Stop

Auto Stop/Start is used to help cut down on vehicle emissions. The engine shuts off when the vehicle comes to rest then restarts by… Read more

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission is a transmission that automatically shifts gears with no driver input other than input from the… Read more

Aux Input

Auxiliary Input is a socket in which you can connect any device to your vehicle's entertainment system.

In your car, an auxiliary input or AUX connects audio devices straight to your… Read more


AWD stands for "All Wheel Drive." A vehicle drivetrain that has front and… Read more


Axle delivers torque to the wheels. Commonly referred to as a "CV Axle" or "… Read more


B-pillars are located between the front and rear doors. It provides roof support on a typical vehicle.


B-pillar,… Read more


Backfire is when there is combustion anywhere outside the engineRead more

Balance Shaft


A Balanced Shaft is a solid cylindrical metal rod placed on one side of the crankshaft and linked together with gears. It… Read more

Balance Tires

Balance Tires is a machine is used to read tire imbalance or mass within the tire. To equalize the areas of the tire that have… Read more

Ball Joint

Ball Joint is a flexible moving joint of the steering assembly. It permits rotating movements in any direction to the part it is… Read more


Batteries in cars store electrical data (i.e., the clock or PCM data). Most importantly, the battery is used to deliver enough current… Read more

Bed Liner


A Bed Liner is a heavy-duty plastic or spray-on protector necessary for keeping the cargo and vehicle's bed. The… Read more



Brake Horsepower (BHP) refers to how much power an… Read more

Blind Spot

A blind spot refers to an area behind the car that is difficult to see from the mirror.


A… Read more

Block Heater

Block Heater is used to preheating the coolant in the… Read more

Boost Pressure

Boost Pressure is above atmospheric pressure measured in PSI, bar, or… Read more


Bore refers to the diameter of each cylinder. It acts as a seal against… Read more

Brake Booster

Brake Booster is installed in front of the master cylinder toward the firewall. It amplifies the hydraulic brake pressure from the brake pedal using a vacuum created by the engine, and it creates… Read more

Brake Caliper

Brake Caliper is a hydro-mechanical C-shaped device that applies brake pressure to the brake rotor.

Brake Cylinder

Brake Cylinder is attached to the pedal. It moves when the driver steps on the brake pedal and creates hydraulic pressure by compressing brake fluid. This compressed fluid transfers to the… Read more

Brake Drag

Brake Drag appears when the brake shoes or pads don't fully release when pressure is no longer applied.

Brake Drum

Brake Drum is a cylindrical component that stops a vehicle when the brake shoes create friction against the drum's inner surface.

Brake Fade

Brake Fading is a loss of pressure in the brake system. It makes it more difficult and takes longer for a car to come to a stop.