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ABS Light

The ABS light is a symbol on the dashboard that notifies the driver when the ABS kicks in when braking and goes off when the brake is released.

Most of the vehicles with ABS systems have a brownish-yellow or amber warning light in the instrument panel. when a vehicle with ABS is turned on, it glows as part of a system check. If the ABS indicator light remains lighted after the system check or is not in use, it means that there is a problem with the vehicle's brake system.

  • The ABS light illuminates if the ABS control module detects trouble in the antilock braking system. The light may also turn on to indicate the antilock system is working. Any faults detected by the ABS control module may store a trouble code in its memory.
  • The brake fluid reservoir which is a component of the hydraulic unit includes a low fluid level sensor, wherein if the brake fluid is low. the sensor sends off signal to the instrument panel a warning light, ABS light or low brake fluid display message
  • A red brake warning light will glow if there is a low pressure detected in one part of the brake hydraulic system.

To simply put, if the onboard computer has detected a potential ABS problem, and the ABS is no longer operating. If you ignore the ABS light, safely stopping your automobile may become impossible. You may avoid this problem that would otherwise degrade your vehicle's performance by taking a proactive approach to ABS maintenance.