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Adaptive Cruise Control ( ACC) is a system featured in the latest automobiles that assists in maintaining a safe distance from the car in front while keeping a certain speed.

  • These sensors include cameras, lasers, and radar equipment, allowing ACC to calculate the distance between two cars or other objects around your vehicle. Adaptive Cruise Control system comes in different types, such as Binocular Computer Vision Systems, Assisting Systems, Multi-Sensor Systems, Predictive Systems, Radar-Based Systems, and Laser-Based Systems.
  • On the contrary, unfavorable weather conditions and environmental factors may cause the system's sensors to malfunction. To achieve optimum safety outcomes, the driver must continue to exercise safe driving habits that function with the ACC system.
  •  On-board sensors provide sensor information that may use radars, lasers or sensors wherein it enables the vehicle to brake whenever it detects the car is approaching another vehicle ahead