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Most automotive manufacturers are subject to regulations, many of which are increasingly related to environmental concerns. The most recent emissions restrictions, known as Euro 6, aims to reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions. Many new diesel-powered vehicles inject a tiny quantity of AdBlue into the exhaust fumes to comply with Euro 6 requirements. An AdBlue is a colorless, non-toxic solution of water and chemical found in urine called urea. The urea used in Adblue is pure and of a higher quality. When AdBlue solution reacts with exhaust emissions, the hazardous mono-nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust are broken down, making the exhaust clean.   

Adblue Malfunctin


When the computer identifies a problem with the system, the DEF malfunction light or the AdBlue fluid level alert will appear. This indicator is usually yellow, and it should turn off once you've added more exhaust fluid to the tank. It could also suggest a problem with the delivery system or the DEF level sensor, or it could mean you're using the wrong fluid. Don't panic if the warning light comes on for the first time. You'll have plenty of time to replenish. But if you don't top up, you'll soon run out of AdBlue and be unable to start your car. If you don't fill the tank, it will turn red, signaling a no-restart situation. You will not be able to restart the engine once it has been shut off if the indicator light is red.