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Airbag Scanner is an OBD-II scanner that can read and clear fault codes from the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS). 

An airbag scanner is a diagnostic tool for the SRS system's faults or problems. Most scanners can clear soft codes after resolving a system's issue. It also contains an improved data stream, allowing you to view live data feeds from advanced systems like ABS, SRS, transmission, and engine Codes indicate a problem with a component of the SRS system, such as the driver airbag, seat belt, or impact sensor

  • Some of the vehicle manufacturers require the use of a scan tool to perform troubleshooting.  The scanner connects to a diagnostic connector and can be read by the mechanic while performing roadtest or working in the engine compartment. It provides a variety of information that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to obtain, It retrieves the trouble codes and displays the programmable read-only memory identification number, which will let the ECM (electronic control module) data values indicate the problem.
  • Some scanning tools have a one-line readout that displays trouble codes as numbers. while other types consist of a four-line window that displays diagnostic data