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Airbag Warning Light illuminates to notify the driver that the airbags are deactivated or in some cases, the appearance of warning light might indicate a problem with the airbag system, or the crash sensors might have been activated after a vehicle had gone through accidents and airbag did not fully deploy, or in some cases,  the seatbelt is not buckled properly.

  • A vehicle with the airbag light is drivable but recommended to fix it as soon as possible; An airbag scanner is required to read and clear the fault codes that trigger the airbag warning light. 


Airbags are commonly known as supplemental inflatable restraints  (SIR)/ supplemental restraint systems (SRS). These are ballon-type devices that inflate automatically to protect the driver and passenger if a collision occurs. The air bag prevents the passengers from injury by striking the steering wheel or windshield. The seat belt and air bag together provide maximum protection against any collision injury

  • When a collision occurs, the vehicle's sensor sends a signal to the airbag ECU (Engine Control Unit) which consist of information such a the collision severity, type, angle, and impact, that is to be used to determine if this event meets the airbag deployment criteria and triggers several firing circuits top deploy one or more airbag modules within the vehicle. 
  • The supplemental restraint system is triggered by a pyrotechnic process that is designed to be used once