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Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission is a transmission that automatically shifts gears with no driver input other than input from the gas pedal. Utilizes a torque converter, planetary gearset, and clutches or bands that automatically change the gears of a vehicle.

  • The automatic transmission uses a hydraulic system to shift the gears and transmit power automatically.
  • The transmission shifts into higher gears as the car's speed increases and then shifts to lower gears when climbing hills.
  • Simply pushing down on the accelerator pedal controls the speed of the vehicle The advantage is easier driving, but with most automatics, there is a loss in fuel economy.

Automated ManualTransmission (AMT)

  • Commonly known as clutchless manual, is a variant of multi-speed automobile transmission system that is based on the mechanical design of a conventional manual transmission.
  • It automates the gear shifting, clutch system or both at the same time continuously which partially requires driver input